#3: The “Manifesto”

The 3rd topic says: “Write your manifesto”

I have to admit that I looked up “manifesto through dictionaries to get a better, clearer, definition of the word and the best that describes it is “A statement that defines policies, goals and opinions of someone”, so… what are my policies, goals and opinions?

Now that I look back to everything that I ever stood up for and what I stand up for right now, it’s true that I changed like everyone else does as we grow up and get more mature, but the same essence is still there.

It may seem like a cliché but I always wanted to really make a mark on the world, change it however I can with whatever I had, but to really define myself and what makes me different from anyone else, I suppose that’s a tough question for anyone.

I guess I have always been amazed by all the great people through history who stand up in so many fields, whether it’s in science, art, literature…etc; I want to be among those people, without asking for fortune or instant fame, but I want to “invest” myself in every possible way that I can.

And I’d like to state what a friend of mine once told me: “Don’t challenge other people, because everyone has his own limits, instead, challenge yourself, because, that way, you won’t have any limits to hold you back”


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