#4: A letter to my younger self

I’m not exactly old enough to write a letter to my younger self because that person was a 6 year old who believed that the world is a mysterious magical place full of wonders and infinite possibilities; not that I don’t believe in good things anymore but I think I’ve gotten more realistic and mature and conscious of the world as it really is right now.

I don’t know if it’s the same with everyone else but I had some wonderful memories as a child. The way I used to see things was so naïve and simple; everything was unique and beautiful in its own way.

I say that because I even have glimpses of things of when I was 4 years old, our old house, the smell of my mother’s perfume, the way I used to see our old dirty neighborhood as a long way that leads up to a mysterious alley where paranormal things happen…

I don’t want to write a letter to my younger self; instead, I sometimes wish I could go back and live those moments again with the same feelings that I used to have back then, where I didn’t have to think so much of what the world is like and what I have to change in order to get better or smarter or better looking.

Then again, it’s not good to dwell in the past, because it’s long gone, so instead, I’ll look up ahead, because I truly believe that with hard work and faith, good things will come…


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