#5: A letter “from” my younger self

As I mentioned in the previous post, my younger self really is “young”, so instead, let’s imagine that I could go back in time when I was six years old, except that I still have the knowledge, principles and opinions that I have now.

I wouldn’t know what to do honestly because on one hand I don’t have what it takes physically, besides, if the past is really the way I remember it, I wouldn’t want to change it, instead, I would cherish those moments even more.

Then again, I still have to grow up and face the world as it is now…

So the question is, would I want to change some things with my life? of course I would, but to what extent?

I reckon it would make things too complicated if I got back in time then continued living that way until I grow up and become so much more than I am right now, so instead of that let’s say I only could go back for one day where I could do whatever I want.

I would spend some time looking at things the way they were, see the people 15 years younger, see where our old neighborhood eventually leads.

I would even go face the boys who used to bully me back then…

I guess I’m saying all this and imagining that I got back in time because, the truth is, I don’t believe that my younger self would send me anything because he wouldn’t recognize me at all, because in his head, he will already be a part of an amazing magical world at my age.

Despite that I get a little bit disappointed when I think of it all, it only makes me more motivated to seek out the world that I always dreamed of… that I “still” dream of, because I truly believe (and will always do) that it’s out there somewhere…


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