#6: A letter to my future self

This might come as the thing I think of most of the time… not the letter, but the “future self”.

I always imagine the great person that I could become when I grow older and wiser, and picture him as a man of great talent and self esteem; yet, as I get closer to becoming that person, he changes a little bit every single day into the person that I am today, because I guess the truth is, I don’t want to change to the point that I can’t recognize myself anymore.

Not that I’m against changing or growing up or anything, but I like the person that I am now, I like the fact that I have some good principles that I truly believe in.

I remember having some really long nights, feeling frustrated and thinking “how am I ever going to achieve what I’m aiming for” and thinking of all the great men and women throughout history and how much they accomplished in their lives, and I have to admit that it really seemed so distant at times, and I’m thankful not to have broken down back then…

And now, despite that I still haven’t made it yet, those goals feel a lot less distant…

I’ve always kept a sort of a list of the things that I want to become, and it still changes over time, but what’s common through what I’ve written 10 years ago and today (yes, I updated it again today) is that I want to become more than just one thing… I want to become all that I could ever be, without changing the essence that has always made me unique (in my own definition).

So I guess that, having said all this, the only thing that I want to tell my future self is “hold on to your principles and stand up for what you believe in no matter how much the world around you changes, because eventually, nothing will matter as long as you know your value and your place in the world”


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