#7: A love letter to my body

photo-1447688812233-3dbfff862778“I spent a lot of time thinking of the perfect way to send this, but I always do better when I’m impulsive, so here goes…

I’ve known you for quite a long time now, I’ve known your secrets, your passions, your weird fetishes (yeah, I’m quoting Augustus Waters), I’ve known every tiny detail about you and loved every bit of it no matter how weird or embarrassing it may seem.

I’ve even known you for so long I’ve watched you grow and change, fall, get excited, become hormonal, angry, sick…

And even though sometimes I felt like I wanted something else, something more than you, I never needed anything else, you were perfect, despite all the flaws and imperfections that you hold within.

On the other hand, you’re the one who stood there for me when I was either happy or sad, excited or devastated, all the way through, “In sickness and in health”… You lived the highest and the lowest moments of my life with me, and for that, I couldn’t possibly find a better fit than you, for you as well know me better than anyone could ever do…

It’s odd how sometimes someone could chase after so many temporary things and people and not notice the one thing that will stay there forever no matter what, but now I know that… Now I see… and I don’t want to ignore it any more, I no longer want anything more perfect than you…”



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