#8: A friendship I wish I had

Despite that I’ve always been a loner, I don’t think I ever just wanted to stay away from most people just because I enjoyed being alone.

And, comparing myself to the person I was a few years back, I’m kind of more social and open to meeting new people and getting more acquaintances and all. But when I think of the people that I can actually call “friends” they’re not really so many…

And to be more specific, I’ve always wanted my most special friendship to be the one that I share with my “life partner”, or as so many call a “soul mate.

I have to admit that I had a few people through my life that I actually thought would really stick around for as long as I can imagine, then again, my imagination and my way of looking at things doesn’t really fit the reality of these things; I sometimes even think that maybe I should consider changing the way I see relationships and the way I treat people, because I always tend to get too attached to so many people so quickly.

Then again, why do I have to change?

I mean, the real reason that I got to the point of becoming affectionate about so many people so wildly is that I’m looking for someone else that shares the same passions and structure-of-thought… After all, if I’m made this way, then there has to be someone else fit enough (no matter how small the odds are) to…”fill these needs” that I hold.

Maybe I’m living with my head over the clouds and chasing after something that’s so rare I may never find all through my life, but I’d take the risk, because finding such person to share the kind of relationships that hold so much love and passion with is worth the world.


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