#9: A friendship I wish I never had

A friendship that I wish I never had is clearly one that I did have, but to call someone a friend would take a long time, and all through that time you develop the kind of intimacy that is too hard to break, you develop feelings and get attached to that person through details of his daily life, his past, his habits and likes, and before you can tell, it’s the easiest thing in the world to jump from being friends to something more, no labels, just something more…

All the friendships that I had through my life weren’t so alike, and it would take forever to talk about each one, but what’s common between every one of them is that they all had something special to them, something unique to every person involved, which is to say that every friendship I had has eventually and inevitably turned into “something more”…

I’m not the type of person to regret going through certain experiences just because they hurt or whatever, not to mention people, because as everyone would learn at some point of their lives, most things that we go through and most people that we meet along the way are temporary ones that we bump into just to learn something and get on by to something else, hopefully better…

So having said all that, I don’t regret any friendship I had, and I hope I never will.


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