#10: A book review

It only seems fair that I talk about the last book I’ve read so far, which is “Malakansâr”.

Malakansâr is one of those rare books that you find unexpectedly, that aren’t really known, yet they’re among the ones that really “relate” to you.

I’d like to add is that I read the book in French, a thing that has made it kind of weird to write about it in English, but I think it’s available in English too (I frankly haven’t checked yet).

To begin with, it tells the story of someone who goes through a journey to find the legendary mythical city of Gods (whose name is the book title) along with two others, one to seek the perfect woman, and the other to rejoin his scorned people, all the way through deserts, seas, dungeons & mystical gardens.

Simply put, it’s the story of a search for truth, identity and true love, all against the odds of the world to the utmost desires that could ever haunt a man.

Even though, I think that I like it more than I should, probably because the whole set of the story reminds me of Final Fantasy 12 (a game that I was obsessed with, and maybe still am) which also gathers the ancient past and the future together in one story, and secondly because the author Michel Grimaud isn’t actually one writer, but two, a couple (Marcelle Perriod & Jean Louis Fraysse) just because I like the idea of being in a couple who write novels and books together :D… But I still think that it’s a good book and advise you (whoever you are) to read it..


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