#11: A book that changed my life

I hear (and read about) a lot of people talking about books that they read which changed their lives, whether it’s to help them get a better financial one, become “a better person”, get enlightened and so on… but I don’t really think that things like those are simply put on pages like “How to become successful?” or whatever, because life isn’t that simple, and frankly, if it was, it would be lame and utterly boring.

On the other hand, a lot of other people who do read those kind of things mostly think that sci-fi and fantasy novels and books don’t carry much value in them, and I actually don’t disagree completely considering the fact that a lot of writers put so much paranormal junk just to impress the readers, yet, there are loads of books that are full of knowledge and value regardless of how much fiction they contain.

One of those books, which is my ultimate favorite, is “I, ROBOT”.

Its impact on me, simply put, is that it introduced a whole new world, the one of robots, smart machines, trans-humanism, futurism and all. And although I didn’t read the whole book at first (it was actually an Oxford bookworms piece, which I really recommend for first time readers) it was the first time I ever felt excited while reading a story, the thing that made me finish the whole thing in one go.

But you might wonder what’s the thing that made it different from other sci-fi novels that also talked about robots and machines? Well it’s just that, despite that it’s actually talking about sets of metal clockworks, it had so much emotions to it, not to mention that Asimov is and remains one of the most credible and scientific writers in the modern literature.


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