#12: A book that I’m currently reading (& why)

Before writing any sort of novel or short story I usually make an outline, which I’m far more skilled at than actually writing the actual story or book, so I decided to keep a notebook of whatever plots and outlines that come to mind.

One of those plots, which I made a few months ago is about a story that revolves around travelling back in time, parallel universes and evolution since the dawn of time, which brings us to the book that I’m currently reading.

The book is “On the origin of species” by the famous Charles Darwin (for those of you who don’t know him, it’s the guy who says that man was originally an ape); quite frankly I’m just starting on it, and it’s already getting interesting despite that it’s practically a biology book, but what I’m hoping to get from eventually is a general understanding of the creation, the beginning of the evolution of animal and plant species and the relations between them and things like that in the way that Darwin sees it, because I’ve always been impressed by movies that involved ancient species, primes and the whole evolutionary process.

It’s important for any book, no matter what genre it is, to be based on scientific and logical facts and theories, a thing that’s proven by the greatest writers through history, ones like Hemingway, Bukowsky, Asimov, Woolf…etc, because after all, any true reader wouldn’t really enjoy reading a book just because it has so much ‘wow’ factor to it, it’s essentially because they want to acquire something that they don’t already have, or more like to gain something more than what they already have, which is knowledge.


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