#14: (Untitled)

Today’s topic was supposed to be “A concert that I recently attended”, but I never attended any concert before, not that I wouldn’t have gone to any if I could.

The thing is that I live in a place where the musical culture isn’t exactly my type, and the rare occasions that there’s a good concert usually interfere with certain occupations I have beside that the country is so big that I wouldn’t exactly travel 500 Km just to see an average band play.

But the closest thing to a concert that I attended was a student event that was organized last year, in which I was the keyboard player of the band.

It was the second time that I played at that theater stage in Annaba, and an experience that I’ll probably never forget because both times there were my very first and second to ever perform in front of a big audience.

Performing any sort of thing in front of an audience (whether it’s music, a movie audition, a job presentation…etc) can really be nerve wrecking as well as extremely exhilarating.

I remember the first moment after the curtains rose up, I was expecting to see so many people staring at me, but the room was dark and the lights were focused on the stage I couldn’t see anything, so I started waving around and smiling everywhere, and after a couple of minutes of hiding my nervousness and trying to keep my hands from shaking , I got the hang of it and felt comfortable on that stage.

I’m not saying that people can get over that stress miraculously, but I guess that they actually do get stressed out because they usually forget the main reason they’re performing or auditioning or making a presentation for, which is that they love doing what they’re there to do, and as long as they keep that in mind, everything gets so much easier (to a certain extent, because I admit that I still a bit stressed out at big things).

And one other thing is that if anyone wants to overcome things like stress and stage fright, they just have to dive in before they give it the chance to overwhelm them.


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