#15: Songs that would be included in the soundtrack of my life

Despite that I’m obsessed with music doesn’t change the fact that this topic, being the third in a row that revolves around music, isn’t exactly what I want to write about now, but since a challenge is a challenge, here we proceed.

In the light of what I’ve talked about so far, how I used to think about my life as a kid, how it is now, and how I want it to be in the future, I guess a perfectly fit first song would definitely be “Bittersweet symphony” by The Verve.

Don’t think about it in terms of lyrics, because as you should know, I usually prefer songs that have good music in them, so no matter how good the words may be, if the music is lame, I’d prefer to read it as poetry; then on the other hand, music, even without lyrics, expresses a lot more than simple words.

Bittersweet symphony is a classic piece that always gives a sense of greatness even in the lowest moments, but the reason I chose it among so many other tracks (some that I really love more than this one) is that I don’t want to mix “the soundtrack of my life” with my mood or taste of things, not to mention that I really hate the kind of clichés where people associate their lives to certain love songs or songs about survival and struggle and whatever.

I, as well as most of those people, haven’t really seen any of the world outside, because most teenagers and young adults nowadays are enclosed and chained to their phones and laptops, so how the hell would someone like that know anything about true meanings of life, ones that we read about and hear about in old stories and experiences of other people who lived before.

I honestly am not saying that I know any better, but at least I try to be open to gain more and learn more.

For that, I don’t have a specific life soundtrack that tells my life story, because it’s just starting out and I don’t want to associate it to a song when I don’t even know what it will be like tomorrow, so for now, let there be discoveries, new things, learning, new people, passions, explosions, breaking barriers and tearing down walls…

So, that being said, I don’t want to include another song.


Talking about not having enough life experience makes me think of the fact that it’s directly associated to writing, because you have to have a thing before you can give it out, and I have to admit that the idea freaks me out sometimes, but like I said, I’m just starting out, and will be learning and gaining so much as I go, and what I’m hoping is that, 10 years from now, I’ll be reading this with a much more grown up perspective, one that’s wiser and more complete…


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