#16: Angus & Julia Stone

“A song that’s your personal anthem” and “Songs included in the soundtrack of your life” are practically the same topic, so instead of the “intended” topic, I’ll talk about Angus and Julia Stone.

For the ones who don’t know them (which I’m not sure whether you’re few or a lot) they are an Australian brother & sister folk band who started out in 2006.

I never had a think for folk until I started listening to their songs, and I have to say they’re one of my favorites, because they’re among the few bands that combine good music and breathtaking lyrics (so special thanks to my dear friend Nesrine who introduced me to them in the first place).

They’re songs – despite that they mostly revolve around love, long distances and the pain of heartbreaks – are written in such a sensational way that makes each song full of so much passion and emotions, not to mention that the brother and sister have amazing voices and a great talent of making good music.

I always related good music to long road trips, ones where you would make a good set of songs and just put your earphones on and keep staring outside the window the whole way – thinking of a loved one, or sometimes dreaming of going to a good place away from all the trouble, or simply enjoying that moment of peace – so I have to admit that it’s hard not to have a few Angus and Julia tracks among those songs.

(Current Song playing: Santa Monica dream – Angus and Julia Stone 🙂 )


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