#17: Life experience learned from something seemingly mundane

I don’t necessarily believe that I have so many life experiences, not to mention ones that would come from unimportant things or “mundane” ones like the title says, and to be honest, once I’ve read the whole title on the list, it said “…like cleaning your closet”, I kept thinking of what a neat freak I am for like 10 minutes before I actually started typing.

So… What could someone possibly learn from small things? (except if it’s from an accident like leaving something on the floor and causing someone else to slip over it and fall down some stairs to break their arm or whatever… so you learn not to leave your rubbish wherever you please).

But to discuss some points that are similar to this topic, the best thing that comes up to my mind is “punctuality and being organized”.

It is by far the thing that keeps most issues and complications from ever happening (at least for a guy like me who has no responsibilities beside school and a part time job).

And I have to admit that I developed a thousand techniques of keeping myself organized and in time for whatever I had to do, and keeping my things in place (literally everything), and it started getting more serious over time, I even started to keep pens and books in parallel lines on the table, until finally I became so obsessed that for a moment it seemed like a bad thing…

Eventually, I got the hang of it because I figured that I was just too focused on keeping an organized working atmosphere that I totally forgot about doing the actual work.

To be really honest – despite the small peccadilloes that occur from time to time – not a day goes by that I don’t feel good about myself for having a plan in my head and a schedule to follow (which doesn’t have to be too serious, you can throw in all the fun you want, just be organized about it).

So, maybe it’s not really a life experience that you can put into simple words, but it sure is a great thing to have simple good habits that can make life so much better.


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