#18: A style to steal for a day

It’s funny how a lot of these topics ask to talk about so many things that I’m not used to or that I simply ‘am not’… Well most of the things that I don’t feel comfortable doing are probably because of my shy/antisocial-like nature, but I don’t think my style of dressing has anything to do with it, because honestly, I came to admit that I have a horrible taste of clothes.

Then again, anything – no matter how silly or simple it is – has its kind of scientific approach, so I’m trying (I guess) to be more “à la mode”.

Nevertheless, in spite of my seemingly horrible taste, a style that I like and may want to have for a day would be Will Smith’s.

No matter where that man goes, and no matter what occasion they’re on, despite that I reeeeaaaaaaally don’t give a damn about style, he always has a way of making me want to change my mind.

You’d be blind if you don’t think that that man has a super elegant sense of style, not to mention his charisma, especially on movie ceremonies and red carpet events, because no matter how bad your taste is in any thing, whether it’s clothing, music, food…etc, you can’t not recognize a really good suit or an amazing track, or chocolate for that matter (my condolences for those who don’t like chocolate… You’re a disappointment to mother nature itself).


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