#19: An outfit associated with an important memory

My uncle’s wedding was probably the fanciest thing I’ve ever been to. It was 7 or 8 years ago, and I was wearing a kind of a classy vest and pants that go together, but let’s start by saying that it was the weirdest day I had ever experienced back then.

It was a hot day and I remember that I went there early with another uncle of mine so that he can make sure everything is going according to plan, so as we arrived there I went looking around the place, and I found a girl who used to come to my grandparents’ neighbors house, who apparently also arrived earlier than all the guests.

What’s weird about it is that she was wearing a dress-like nightgown that she had been wearing all week.

And now that I recall everything again, I don’t know how I got to know her at first except for a really old memory when I was about 8 years old and throwing her with orange peals at their house window across from my grandparents’ balcony.

I’m not going to bore anyone with the details of the wedding, but later at night as we went back home, I felt a really awful headache because of the loud speakers at the wedding, so I went out to get some air, but there was a engagement party (the grandparents’ neighbors son) so I stood by the wall.

The houses were build with a common space between every three apartments, which is weird I admit, despite the fact that there are a lot of houses like that here where I live.

And among the crowd dancing, there was the nightgown girl sitting across from me with her cousin, talking and staring at me, then a few minutes later she got up and started dancing through that crowd until she finally got beside me and started dancing erotically in my face. I looked at my left and my aunt was there staring at me, so I ran back to the house without saying a word.

It may seem weird to a lot of people, but we live in a bashful community where at some parts of the country, sexual interactions mostly don’t occur until one is married, so that would explain my reaction, beside the fact that I’ve always been too shy and discreet.

That brings up the point that there’s no such thing as a sexual education, a thing that can cause issues in a modern teen and young adult’s life, especially in a community where it’s forbidden to have such interaction with the other gender. Not that I encourage the kind of “open minded” spirit that they talk about nowadays, but there really should be some kind education to prevent the odd behavior that starts up as a mild thing but could eventually turn up into more serious things in the future…


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