#21: (Untitled) [Inspired by a random Instagram photo]

Img“He didn’t know where that old road lead to, and there was no sign to tell, but it didn’t matter, because he didn’t want to know.

He always had a thing for unknown destinations and abandoned roads and railway tracks, something about them made him feel nostalgic to a place that he’s never been to except in his own imagination.

And although he always wanted to get himself together and leave once and for all, he didn’t really want to see what’s on the other side of it; he was only there for the sake of an endless journey to the unreachable… He wanted to feel detached from the world and into the things that have haunted him for too long. He wanted to lose himself completely…

Then everything in a mysterious way would suddenly remind him of her… of how much she was unconditionally full of everything that made the pieces and shapes of his world; maybe deep down he was still looking for her… for the lost pieces to fill the emptiness that she had left behind… Maybe she was out there… somewhere…”


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