#22: Best trip ever taken

I always enjoyed the perks of being the among the top ones of my class back in middle and high school, like trips, gifts, parties…etc

And I remember the last thing I got (along with other friends and classmates) for being fourth in class  in my last year in high school, we had a trip about a month before the baccalaureate exam to a historical site in a city called Djemila (which means “beautiful” in Arabic).

Algeria is a really big country with so much green unused space, so any trip to any place would take a long time, that’s why like at every trip we made, we had to show up at school really early in the morning.

We took off at 5 A.M., it was still a bit dark, so a lot of us were still sleepy.

About three hours later we were a few kilometers away from the city, so the teacher stood up and started giving a tiny historical lecture about the city and asking questions about it.

And like in almost every touristic or historical site, as we arrived, there were already dozens of people there.

To keep things clear, Djemila is one of the few remaining Greek cities left in Algeria, and it has some spectacular places to see that people from all around the world come visit.

It was a warm sunny day, and like always, the teacher asked us to stay in small groups or just keep an eye on each other just in case of anything; and so we went looking around and discovering the place. It full of ancient statues and buildings, and there was a museum that kept 500 year old weapons, coins, plates and all sorts of things that I really loved…

At the time we were about to get back for lunch, there was a Chinese couple who just got married there, the groom had just proposed and they were dressed as if they were in a church; It was the first time I saw a christian wedding (despite that it wasn’t really typical).

Right after lunch, we bought some souvenirs and went to the amusement park right near the site and spent the rest of the day there.

Days like that, simple, fun, and free of everything, are really the ones that we remember and enjoy the most, so, although I remember being a little sick back then, It was one of the best days I’ve had in my life.


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