#23: The worst trip I’ve ever taken

Even though my mom and dad always tried to provide everything for us in the family, we’ve always been in the community’s middle class, practically with the average rate of things to live on, so we didn’t have a car until about 5 years ago; but before that, whenever there was a trip, whether it was a vacation, a visit to our grandparents house or anything else, we always depended on public transportation or family friends.

It was the summer of 2009 when we decided to go on vacation to a coastal place called Aokas in Bejaïa, and my uncle had a friend who was going to take us there.

I always had car sickness when I was a kid and couldn’t get rid of it until recently, so I absolutely hated car trips, especially the ones when we had to wake up really early, and this was one of them.

It was 4 A.M. and I can hardly remember anything except for my uncle’s friend making lame jokes and laughing at them and all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep before we drove off just so that I don’t think about being sick.

6 hours later, after a whole lot of suffering and vomiting and praying for God to end my life instead of letting me throw my inside out, we finally arrived to Bejaïa, so my dad started asking for directions until we finally got to Aokas.

It was a friend of my dad who suggested that we go to that place because “It was a good one”, but once dad and I went to check out the beaches, they were awfully dirty…

We stood there for about 5 minutes before he quickly decided that we should go to another place (which wasn’t so close from there), so we got back on the road, and I hated my life even more.

We went to the place where we spent the summer of the previous year hoping to find rent because it was kind of a popular place and it was unlikely that we find any, but unfortunately, after 5 more hours of driving, there was none.

We were exhausted, but there was not enough time to check anywhere else, so we just drove all the way back home; and after going through 1000 kilometers in one day, we crashed.

It’s kind of hard not to have some of what’s become essential in life, like a car, and I don’t think I’ll ever understand it completely until I have kids of my own, but I’m lucky to have such good parents who wouldn’t get anything unless it’s with their own money after really working hard for it and getting everything for us eventually, so I’m grateful for that…


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