#25: Favorite writers (and why)

It’s probably obvious that one of my favorite writers is the one who wrote my favorite book, so that would be “Isaac Asimov”, but I think that the writer that I admire the most is definitely Hemingway, but we’ll get back to him.

Putting Asimov among my favorites is simple: He writes futuristic Sci-fi and he writes books as if he’s building spaceships, which means that he never puts anything randomly just because it sounds cool or whatever.

Thinking of that last thing and considering that he was a Biochemistry professor actually encourages me to depend more on what I learn through life in my writings and opens up so many doorways into topics that I would never think I’d write.

Now Hemingway on the other side is a phenomenon, even though I don’t know anything about his personal life, except that he did some time in the army or the navy or something, but the reason that I admire him the most is that he writes and talks about writing in a way that makes you feel as if he’s expressing things that are too deep to have one simple sense or explanation, even the way he talks about the writer as if he’s not just a person who uses his language to translate thoughts, but more like a divine creature that interacts with everything around him to make the most amazing things.

I hope that someday I could become among great writers like these, the idea really haunts me sometimes to the point of frustration, which I guess makes it more sincere and genuine because I wouldn’t do it just for the money or the fame, but I would like to know that someone out there would see the world differently by the end of a book that I will have written…


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