#26: John Green

I don’t read blogs much. In fact I used to not read them at all before I started blogging myself, except for a particular one, which is John Green’s. So by far, he’s the favorite (and only) blogger that I follow.

Even though I’ve known him because of the movie that was an adaptation of his book “The fault in our stars” (which I watched like 15 times, I lost track of counting…), I only started looking for more of his stuff recently and I have to say that I really admire that guy!

He’s the kind of person who really thinks outside the box without making it sound too hard or complicated, and talks about life and science and social activities and everything as one great infinite passion in which everyone can be (and should be) part of.

On the other side, the fact that he’s an author, writer, blogger, producer and the creator and activist in so many projects (Like “Project for awesome“) – simply a person who influences so many lives through the world – he’s an inspiration to go out and be whatever you can be, in any way you can.

So overall, he’s just an amazing guy that people should aspire more to be like, invest more of their lives and efforts to make changes around them and think about more than just themselves, because eventually, there’s no greater pleasure than the one in making real and significant changes in the world…


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