#30: Random Thoughts (2)

It’s kind of frustrating to sit down like this at the end of the day staring at a blank page, shuffling all the thoughts that occurred to you through the past week, and then just ending up with so many questions that you don’t even want to know the answer to…

I can’t avoid the fact that’s been keeping me from being as productive as I was hoping, so I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been feeling a lot “off” lately.

I don’t really know why because there are so many things happening all at once that I can’t keep my mind set on a particular thing for so long.

I thought so much about ways of living abroad, quitting school, writing for money, or whatever I could do to get out of here; I thought about making so many projects during summer vacation; I thought about asking a girl out and found myself utterly miserable after thinking about how nice her hair is all night long, and now I ended up feeling absolutely worn out after having a really long day full of nothing…

I don’t exactly see the point of whining in the middle of the night; and writing about it (I realize now) doesn’t really help as much as it used to, so now I’m kind of confused about what I should be doing…

Maybe things will be better in the morning, maybe I’ll wake up with a good image of what the future is holding, maybe I’ll know exactly what I’m supposed to do and perhaps I should just get my sh** together and just ask that girl out and take whatever she says like a man, but now I’ll go to bed and hopefully dream of better things…


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