#31: My first crush

Her name was Asma, and I was 7 years old when I first noticed that I had certain feelings for her. I was too young to have the kind of feelings that I do now, so maybe it wasn’t even a real “crush”, but there was a thing.

I was in primary school and the only thing that I cared about besides fun was mostly school, and I have to admit that I really loved school back then, especially since I had the kindest teacher of all.

Asma was a pretty blondish girl who wore glasses and always used to sit in the front, not talking to anyone, and I remember that there was always some kind of competition in class between the two of us on which one is going to be the top of the class.

I don’t know what I truly felt back then except that I know I admired her a lot, probably because she was smart and everything; I even remember one day when I answered a hard question that no one could get, so when we got out, she was outside waiting for her dad to come pick her up as usual, she smiled at me for a few seconds then waved, so I waved back and went home, smiling…


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