#32: A Teacher Who Had an Everlasting Impact On Me

Yesterday’s post was total crap I admit, but I was kind of too busy preparing for an event at our book club in college and also a bit sick (which I frankly still am).

Anyway, moving on…

Back in high school, there were certain teachers that I admired; some of them for being hard workers, some for being smart and humble at the same time, but one particular teacher had the most impact among them.

Her name was Latifa, and she the best teacher I’ve ever had.

It was my first year in high school, and I didn’t really know so many people in my class except for one or two who weren’t really friends of mine.

I remember it well, it was a Tuesday morning when she first entered the classroom and introduced herself as our new English teacher, and I was delighted to hear how nice her English was, so she started “breaking some ice” between all of us.

All through the following weeks, I came to love her for her smile, for all that she did, and for the way she made her class so much fun. And eventually, we became as close as best friends.

I used to talk to her about whatever I had in mind and she used to advise me about everything from school to responsibilities to pretty much anything in life.

One other thing that I loved about her was her taste of music. I remember one day she got her laptop and played some songs by Dolly Parton including Jolene; she even sometimes quoted Bob Marley and The Beatles, all of which made me get too attached to her.


People like her are the ones who make me feel better about everything just by thinking about them, so I’m truly grateful for knowing her at a time where things were a bit harsh, and hope that she -too- misses me as much as I miss her.


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