#33: An Hour That Changed My Life

Everything through my entire life had been kind of clear to a certain point, all the way from when I was a baby, up to my last year in high school. And although it all seemed figured out somehow, I couldn’t really tell what would come up after that point, and I guess it was for a reason, because it all changed when the baccalaureate results came out.

It was July 3rd 2014. It was about 3 P.M. and my brother was watching a replay of a world cup soccer match, and I remember that Gotzë scored a couple of minutes before a friend of mine texted me on Facebook to tell me that the results were out.

I stopped for a second to catch my breath, then opened the page and a white box that says “enter your number” appeared.

I admit that I didn’t believe the result as I saw it on the screen… It said “above average”, when I was expecting “excellent”, so I slowly closed the window and called my mom and dad and told them that the results were out as if I hadn’t seen them yet.

I showed them the results and they both started congratulating me and singing and dancing in a silly way, but I guess they knew how devastated I was, not that I could hide it.

I realized by then that I hadn’t really made any side plans for my future, and started thinking of all the possibilities of what I might do at university.

It was probably because I was always used to having things coming easily to me, and I really thought that I’d regret a part of what happened, but now, looking back at it, I don’t think that there could’ve been a better scenario than what happened from then out.

So I guess that eventually we just have to trust what life brings, especially when we work hard, because no matter how much we make plans and try to achieve something specific, there just might be something else better than we want.


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