#34: Favorite word

To begin with, Stephen King is, as far as I can tell, the most gifted writer when it comes to drawing the scenes of a story despite that most of his subjects are – as he says himself – “gross”.

I started reading Stephen King’s “The dark tower I – The gunslinger” about five years ago. It starts with “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what might have been parsecs in all directions…”

Those of you who have already read the Haiku that I wrote a few days ago might notice that I used the word “apotheosis” in it, so you can guess that it’s my favorite word in English (so far).

What I love about it is simply its definition. Apotheosis, as it’s defined by the Merriam Webster online dictionary “is the the highest or best part of something”, and another definition is “elevation to divine status”.

I’ve always admired words that resemble to this, words that symbolize greatness, absolution, and the ultimate forms, statuses and beings… because when I try to picture the meaning, I imagine way bigger dimensions to everything than what there truly is, which makes me want to push my barriers and boundaries beyond what they are…

Nevertheless, I just want to mention that apart from English and words that I know the meaning to, I have an ultimate favorite word (And I like it just because of the way it’s pronounces), which is actually the name of a bay city in Russia, and that is “Vladivostok”. I remember it because my dad told me about it one day as he was speaking about something in history, which I don’t really remember because… I don’t know, I guess I was tired or something (sorry dad).


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