#35: What writing “really” requires

Let’s be honest, the list contains a lot of crappy subjects, like the one that’s supposed to be today’s “What’s your least favorite word and why”, so I have to admit that I should’ve checked out the list well before I started writing, but it’s too late now, and I can’t stop because a challenge is a challenge, so from now on I’ll simply skip them and write whatever comes in mind.

As I went through the list for over a month now, I’m trying to get as much experience in writing as I can, whether it’s in language structure, fluency, or diversity, but I keep thinking of how much I lack the knowledge that any writer gains by being a reader before becoming a writer.

I haven’t really read as much books as I imagined I would by now, and with my college schedule getting busier every year, I read even less than I used to, which kind of feels bad because sometimes I can really feel the need to read more and learn even more, as if there’s a machine that only works if it’s constantly fed.

So now, with all those thoughts going through my mind, I’m finding myself incapable of writing the novel that I’ve been hoping to start on, until at least I retake a good writing routine, and I’m hoping that after all, everything that I’m learning along will be made up into something truly great.


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