#38: Friends who are closer to a second family

Best friends aren’t necessarily people that you hang out with daily and spend most of your activities, even if they start out that way. Because no matter how much you get close to someone, things always change. I’m not talking about emotions because frankly, all that crap that people say about the change in feelings towards people is nonsense, because if you truly love someone, you’d love them forever no matter what.

And some of those best friends are ones that you get too attached to that you can’t even label your relationship with them, they’re no longer just friends, instead they’re closer to another family that you weren’t born and raised with, they’re people who make your life better when they’re around, guide you and make you want to change yourself to the better, sometimes without even saying it.

They’re people who make you smile just by thinking of them, people who you might spend a long time without seeing or hearing about them, but eventually, when you see them again, it’s the best thing that can happen in the world because they make you happy.

I don’t believe that people ever leave because of “life”, and I also don’t believe that you have to choose between getting attached to people and living your life properly, because after all there’s only so much that you can reach for, so what’s the use if you don’t have people to care for and love and think of…


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