#39: A family member who’s also a friend

My dad may not be the richest or most famous person on the planet. In real life he may be just a retired french teacher who loves books and antiques but as far as I know, he’s the greatest man in the universe.

I never knew a more devoted person to everything than him, whether it’s towards his family, or his work, or his principles and beliefs.

I won’t meet another person who knows me better, because after all, I’m an exact genetic copy of him, so much that I am amazed sometimes by the way he knows what I’m thinking and doing without even asking me. And for all those reasons we’ve always been so close.

I’ve learned most of what I know from him just by discussing so many topics with him ever since I was a child, all through middle and high school and up till now.

He’s the reason that I keep holding myself together every time I get on the verge of breaking down or losing it, and I’m hoping that someday I get to be as strong and wise as he is, because frankly, I can’t imagine my life without him, and I want my children to feel the same way about me.


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