#40: Verbal Vision Board

A vision board, as I understand it, is a board that keeps you on track of your goals and dreams on a regular basis, and a verbal one is simply a written one, like a statement or set of statements that always remind us of those goals and aspirations.

I think that’s really helpful, at least in my case, because I don’t know about other people but sometimes I get confused about so many things in life that I forgot how important my dreams and goals are, and that nothing else is worth throwing them aside.

But today I’m not going to write a verbal vision board because I’ll be honest and say that I need to get so many things in my life clear.

I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life recently; even though I’ve been following a schedule and keeping things organized, I’ve been feeling as everything is going down hill for quite a while.

I’m suffering from insomnia and I feel lousy most of the time but can’t even tell what’s wrong. I even tried taking sleeping pills and resting, watching movies, playing games and hanging out, all of which didn’t work for too long, until I finally admitted to myself that I should do some big changes in my life.

Maybe I’ve derailed from the path that I’ve been on once, but I wouldn’t be able to recognize it anymore. Maybe it’s one of those moments when I have to change to adapt to the world or something.

Anyway, there’s no need for a fancy ending to this, so I’ll leave it here —


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