#41: (Random thoughts 3)

I used to enjoy really long conversations where you talk about a whole lot of things freely and not even feel the time passing.

Not that I don’t enjoy them now but it’s just that it’s been a long time since I had one of those conversations. I also miss reading books the way i used to before. Now I hardly ever read because of all the current occupations, which are mostly related to college.

I saw an episode of “Gilmore Girls” once where Rory (the daughter) talks about the library of the congress which contains millions of books and how if she keeps reading with her average rate she won’t even read 1% of those books.

It made me think of that too, and supposingly I read a book per week for the next 30 years + the books that I’ve already read (which I estimate to be less than a hundred), that would make a total of over 1600 books… damn!

I imagine that in “a certain afterlife”, there will be a world where you get to enjoy anything you want without ever getting tired of it, and sometimes I get so wrapped up in a book that I wish I have an infinite library where I can read forever and feel as if I’m living in each book I’m reading, then I think of the pleasure of sleeping and the whole library thing fades away.

It’s amazing how we always try to find a great purpose for being here on earth and seeking an ultimate explanation of why there are so many galaxies and wonders through the universe, but in the same time we surrender to the thought that there’s an afterlife where you would simply enjoy living in a cloud mansion and run happily forever without ever feeling the slightest fear, anger, pain, worry or tiredness…

But one thing that is certain is that there are things that feel right; things that make you know somehow that there really is a purpose for all that exists, and for what it’s worth, you’ll only have to wait and see for yourself.


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