#43: A Day That I Would Describe as The Happiest Day of My Life

I spent pretty much the entire day on YouTube watching people talking about everything, from science, to motivation, to sports, to comedy…etc that I almost forgot to blog (even though I always set a reminder at 10 P.M. in case I tooootally forgot!)

[P.S. Check out Hannah Hart on YouTube, she’s hilarious!]

Anyway, today’s topic is “What would you describe as the happiest day of your life?”, and the first thing that popped into my head was that scene from “Miss Congeniality” where miss Rhode Island, Cheryl or whatever, talks about a “perfect date” and says “I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!”… *facepalm*

So, what would “the happiest day of my life” really be?

I picture happy days all the time, but in different ways depending on my mood, but if we take things that are common between them and try to come up with the very best one I guess it would be as simple as a trip to the beach, on a spring day, where there aren’t so many people, with someone that I love (not necessarily a girlfriend… Although I highly prefer that), and we just spend the whole time talking about different good things and just enjoying the weather and the peace on that beach, then take a walk later right before sunset, then get back home, and I won’t get into the other details which hopefully would pass on without any importance, just so that they won’t ruin how beautiful the day is.

And now that I’ve said that I don’t really think “the happiest day” is really something that I desire, because I imagine that the rest of the other days would be – to this happiest day – like chocolate to a… really much sweeter chocolate… I simply don’t want to eat that chocolate.

Maybe I’m blathering and making no sense, and maybe I would really want to have as many happiest days as I can, but for now, all the happiness that I could ever get will, and should be, from accomplishing things, and making differences.

[Going back on YouTube for one more video!]


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