#44: Constantine

constantine_malouf_588117028.pngEver since I was young, I was fascinated by the view from my grandparents’ house at night. I’d just go there when everyone is in their beds and keep staring at the distant city and car lights and enjoy the sweet breeze that always flew by. I was very young at that time and didn’t know how much I’d cherish those moments when I grow up, because sometimes I’d dream about it, and you all know how the brain takes young memories and draws them so perfectly and exaggeratedly that sometimes we think that the world was so much more beautiful than it is now (although sometimes I truly believe that).

That city was Constantine, and I absolutely loved it. In fact I still do, and maybe even more.

It’s not the kind of cities that you’d go sightseeing to if you’re a tourist unless you have someone who really knows it by heart, because it has some really amazing places that only natives would know of. In fact I remember that my dad once told me that someone could spend his entire life there and still not see some places, but luckily for me, he grew up there and I got to see a lot of wonderful places that are kind of old (similar to the 19th century French architecture) and full of memories and sort of make you nostalgic or something…

One other reason that made me love Constantine even more (even though it’s silly) is that my very best friend in the whole world (who I met two years ago and whose name shall remain untold… I might mention it later) lives there… I love you!

I hope she heard me *tears hanging*…

So if you’re an “old cities” fan (whatever that’s called), or simply someone with great admiration to beautiful views and ‘distant city night lights’ (I love that phrase), you’d absolutely love Constantine.

And for the love of God, whoever’s reading this, leave a comment below in which you might tell me about YOUR favorite city (or cities) or at least tell me that I’m not talking to myself here because it’s been over 40 days and there’s still nothing, so it’s kind of frustrating!


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