#46: Obsession For Music

Sometimes I spend a lot of time listening to one particular artist for days in a row and really let it sink in until I finally get to the point where I’m absolutely detached from reality and into a world of my own imagination, where everything is beautifully bittersweet.

I think of how music can translate so much beauty and mean so much more than words can express, in a way that overwhelms all reason and logic that we hardly follow into finding abstract things such as happiness.

I admit that most of the time I think of ways to make my life meaningful, through studying, writing, doing creative and constructive things, then, just as soon as I get my hands on the piano, all of that fades away and I lose interest in everything, as if I found the one thing that I was cut off to do in life.

I also wonder sometimes if there are people who feel about it the same way, even though there are lots who say how music influences them and changes their lives and all, but I would just love to meet someone who knows what it feels like and knows how to express it, because I can’t.

[P.S. A list of awesome stuff to listen to:

Oasis – FULL Discography

Blur – Tender / Coffee & TV / The Universal]

Another P.S. Even though I already feel lousy and feel more like reading a lot instead of writing, the list kind of sucks lately, I mean, take today’s article for example: “Write about how you celebrate New Year’s Eve”, so besides that it’s a crappy subject, I don’t celebrate New Year’s eve.


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