#N/A: Last Article.

As I started this challenge, the only thing that I didn’t want to happen was that I laze up and quit the whole thing, but I managed to stick to it; for the first time in such a long time I really kept my word that I’d do something and devote myself to it.

Unfortunately, I’m finding myself as if I’m running out of words lately, and simultaneously in need for more words, for more books and more knowledge, and all those ideas brought the one thought that I’d always dreaded since I ever started writing, which is what Hemingway said about how the writer is a well in which you should always leave some water at the bottom for it to refill again, because if it’s fully emptied, there won’t be any more water to fetch.

I have thought to myself and I finally admitted that I’m not ready to write yet; I lack so much and I can feel it the same way you feel something by touch.

Maybe I’m wrong to an extent, but what I’m sure of is that I still have too much to learn and to read before I resume writing, so until then, this will be my last article.

And even though it seems as if I dropped off from this challenge, I feel the exact opposite, because I stuck to it this whole time and I feel as if I can do so much more with my life, and I know that I can keep up with the challenge till the very end, but there won’t be a point of writing too many meaningless articles about random subjects.

For those of you (even though you’re few) who read my blog, I thank you for taking the time to do it and hope that you’d be among my readers in the future.

So lastly, without a greater importance, you may leave a comment below to tell me what you thought of my writing, or maybe you want to share an idea or criticize something, feel free.



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