#39: A family member who’s also a friend

My dad may not be the richest or most famous person on the planet. In real life he may be just a retired french teacher who loves books and antiques but as far as I know, he's the greatest man in the universe. I never knew a more devoted person to everything than him, whether... Continue Reading →


#38: Friends who are closer to a second family

Best friends aren't necessarily people that you hang out with daily and spend most of your activities, even if they start out that way. Because no matter how much you get close to someone, things always change. I'm not talking about emotions because frankly, all that crap that people say about the change in feelings... Continue Reading →

#37: Returning home

"I want to see you again. I want everything to go back to any moment when you were¬†there and keep you from ever getting away from my sight again. I wish I had so many more of those infinite moments to hold on to, even though nothing would never be enough. I wish that everything... Continue Reading →

#36: Places to write best

This here - My crappy dorm room - isn't one of them, yet I try to be as creative as I can every time that I sit here. But apart from it, as an engineering student and an amateur writer at the same time I don't have a place where I usually go to write... Continue Reading →

#34: Favorite word

To begin with, Stephen King is, as far as I can tell, the most gifted writer when it comes to drawing the scenes of a story despite that most of his subjects are - as he says himself - "gross". I started reading Stephen King's "The dark tower I - The gunslinger" about five years... Continue Reading →

#31: My first crush

Her name was Asma, and I was 7 years old when I first noticed that I had certain feelings for her. I was too young to have the kind of feelings that I do now, so maybe it wasn't even a real "crush", but there was a thing. I was in primary school and the... Continue Reading →

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